Quilled Snowflakes

Is that time of the year again when we decorate our house and the Christmas tree. I personalty have a small tree this year so I wouldn't need loads of quilled snowflakes to fill it.

Quilled Snowflake - 1

I like quilling snowflakes so I'll make loads more to give as a present.

Quilled Snowflake - 3

I have lots of quilled coils prepared so there will be more on the way.

Quilled Snowflake - 4

All these snowflakes are different and I am planing on making more different ones.

Quilled Snowflake - 5

Keep your eyes open as new quilled snowflakes desings will come.

I discovered this image on my flickr group. I used to watch Betty Boop cartoons when I was young so the image caught my attention. As the image is just a small icon in the group and it looks so much like the original my next thought was: " Hmm, what is this image doing in here as the group is mainly for quilling and paper crafts and this is just a photo of a cartoon?". I clicked on the image to see more of this person photos not even thinking that this can be quilled. Little did I know. When I got to the original art work I was confused for few seconds:"is this really quilling?" I thought "no it can't be" and then boom I realized "this is actually quilling. I am totally amazed.

But that's not it, Miguel Guiter has more amazing quilled work.

For Sale!! À Venda!! Informações adicionais sobre o produto, preço e envio: ochografica@gmail.com

I don't know if you ever watched Laurel and Hardy. I love then, I grew up watching their silly comic shows on TV. Brilliant comics and even more brilliant work done by Miguel.

For Sale!! À Venda!! Informações adicionais sobre o produto, preço e envio: ochografica@gmail.com

Oh I could go on and on about how good his work is but I will let you discover by yourself the rest of his wonderful work on his flickr photostream

Cross stitch is another craft I picked up lately. It's so much easier to carry around in my handbag and do some while waiting 20 minutes for the train or while having a coffee in a coffee shop. I found that is even nice to make some stitches while in bed, just before going to sleep. Since it doesn't require to much brain work it sends me to sleep nice and relaxed.

This is one of my first projects. I made it for my friends wedding that happened last month. I wanted to make something special for them but I didn't have to much time on my hand or motivation as I was in the moving house mode. So one week before their wedding I was looking on the internet for ideas and I came across this cool website where they have lots of free patterns. Here is the link to the pattern. I added their wedding date and initials to personalise it.

The end result was meant to be in a nice frame but I was so busy, didn't have any time to buy one. So around 12 o'clock, on the night before the wedding, few hours before the flight (the wedding was in Turkey), I had to make up a frame for it. So, half asleep, I took a hard backing card, few bits of paper, a hole-punch and a ribbon and came out with this.

I'm quite pleased with the result taking in account little time I had. And I think my wedded friends were pleased too.

Watercolour landscape

Finally the moving is almost done. Few more boxes left to sort out but the main stress is gone. Is time to go back on making art.

Now, you are probably wondering how come there is a watercolour on a quilling blog. Well...you see, I am one of those people who gets board very quickly, who starts a project and rarely finishes it. Although quilling is my first and only love I am trying to learn to do other things and now is watercolour.

I've done just few pieces so far and this two are the best ones. I'm really having fun water-colouring but I have to say is harder that I thought. But I'm not giving up, at least not yet :)

I am currently moving hose so it will be a while until I'll make anything again and have time to post it. My house is box city (you all know how it is) with no furniture as me and my husband moved into an unfurnished house. So there is a long way to go until we settle there.

This card is the last one I did before all this madness started.


I have to say I like my little fringing machine. It took me a while to get used to it but I like the perfect fringing that comes out on the other side. It was a bit pricey but a good investment in the end.


What can I say I really like quilling flowers.

I have to make some more cards to send to my swap-bot partners and then I want to go big. I want to try to make framed quilling. I never made anything bigger than a card so I'm a bit scared but I'll do it... soon.

I made this one for a Swap-bot member who liked black.

This was my second attempt on paper cutting. I love paper cut and I have to get better at it.

Oh I didn't blog for a long time now. I've been extremely busy lately with my work relocation and summer it's not a good time for making crafts anyway. Summer is way too precious here in England. We have very few sunny days in this country and I need to make the most of it so at the moment I'm out most of the time. And quilling is not something that I would take out for a picnic in the park. I don't trust this windy weather with my tiny strips. Deep down inside I kinda want the winter back so I can quill every night again.

Anyway this post is to say thank you to Crimson Cloud and 365 Cards for this lovely prize.

I won this prize on a competition, a while ago, on 365 Cards and my card (underneath) made me one of the spotlight designers. Yay that was definitely a great day for me.

101/365 - Weeeeeee're having fun

This is the first prize I won doing quilling (and the second ever in my life).

Super Sketchy Sunday again on 365 Cards. Day 111's sketch was nice and simple.

I really had fun making this. It'll go to a swap bot member who likes pink (in case it wasn't obvious:-) ).
Here are some cards I've done lately for swapbot and following 365Cards challenges.

There was a film theme that week on 365 Cards. That means every day the designer put up a movie poster and we had to make a card related to that specific poster.

For Day 106 they had this poster.

I used a little girl stamp on my card to match the girls on the poster and then I used a multicolour background specially concentrating on green. I am quite happy with the outcome.

This card also participated in:
Stamping With Dragon
Paper Sundaes


For Day 110 we had to make a card inspired from this poster.

My idea was to make something simple and childish so that's why the cute turtle.

On Day 108 we had this poster to work with:

And I came up with...

I'm bursting with desire to make cards at the moment. I singed up for 10 swaps on swap-bot. A real mad period of creation after a looooong brake.

I made this card for Super Sketchy Sunday Day 104 on 365Cards and I'll send it to a swap-bot member for an handmade card exchange.

When I was in Vietnam for my honeymoon I saw bamboo for the first time in real life. It was growing everywhere, from woods to peoples gardens and road side.
They are using it in constructions.

It so was exciting to be there. There were so many flowers, trees, plants that I haven't seen them before (that was my first time in Asia). My whole month in there was an adventure discovering new plants everyday and being amazed by everything.

The two most unexpected trees that I discovered were the banana and the coffee tree.

Banana tree had the most unusual flower. It was totally unexpected and hard for me to imagine the bananas coming out from that dark red flower.

The coffee tree.... well.... if someone wouldn't have told me that was a coffee tree I would have never guessed. The flowers had an amazing strong smell and the coffee beans tasted nothing like coffee. Apparently the beans get the yummy taste after being dried and roasted.

This is another vintage card that I made for a swap-bot swap.

For this swap I had to send a postcard with a flower on it. The person I had to send to stated on her profile that she totally adores stuff with Eiffel Tower so I made this specially for her. I hope she'll like it.

I made this card for a swap-bot. The person I had to send it stated that she likes vintage looks. So I made this using some paper that came with a wicked craft magazine that I bought few weeks ago from Manchester.

The rose was inspired my from DayDreams blog.


You can see a tutorial of the rose here.

92/365 - Flower card

I made this card for a swap-bot exchange. I love flowers and this was really fun to make and it's one of my favourite.

After I made I was wondering on one of the sites that I regularly check, 365 cards, and saw that my card it's perfect for one of their challenge Lucky 13.

For this challenge we had to have exactly 13 of the same item on our card. I looked at my card and realised that "Happy Birthday" has exactly 13 letters.
When I discovered quilling last year I made this blog to keep a log of my creations so this blog was dedicated to only quilling (hence the URL "www.quillingprojects.com". Slowly after that I started to play with paper and learn to create much more like cards, paper cutting, drawing and even watercolours.

After I got better at doing other paper crafts I wanted to blog about them but I didn't wanted to put it up here as this was a quilling blog. So I created another blog to be able to share my other paper crafts with everyone. But then I realised that it's difficult to maintain 2 blogs specially with a full time job and commuting for 3 hours a day. I ended up neglecting this blog because I needed to develop the other one. I wasn't happy about that.

So today I decided to upgrade this blog to accommodate my other paper crafts projects. It will still have quilling as a main subject because rolling paper strips is still my great passion but there will be other crafty creation scattered around.

I hope my fans will not be to disappointed and my other projects will inspire people as much as quilling (and maybe more).

Here are some cards I've done for some Swap-bots exchanges.

While I was visiting Vietnam I saw some amazing paper cut pop-up cards. There is where I fell in love with this type of paper craft.
This is my first attempt.

97/365 - Paper cut

I made this for a swap-bot called quick flower postcard swap. So I just made a quick one.

98/365 - Daisy

I love quilling. I specially like the 3D texture, the feeling on my finger tips when I press down to stick the shapes it's feels me with great pleasure. Quilling helps me relax and wind down form a long day at work.

Quilling it's a wonderful craft.

I made this card for a swap bot again. (I'm really into swapping at the moment). The person I had to send it to makes beautiful cards using 3D cuttings. I made this card specially for her so she can experience another type of crafting using 3D shapes . Who knows maybe she will take up quilling. He he I love converting crafters into quillers.

This is a card that I did for the second challenge of the week on 365 Cards Day 105 - Mega movie Monday

101/365 - Weeeeeee're having fun

The shapes that I used in this card were inspired from the "Quilling design-a-day Calendar".

Oh it's been so long since my last quilling.

I had been having such a busy period with getting married, going for a long honeymoon, starting a new job, commuting 3 hours a day, looking for a new house, going to the gym regularly....oh I need more hours in the day.

Well... I guess I have good excuses, anyway.... :-)

Recycled flower card

This flower is another piece made from recycled shredded paper. I'm really into recycling and using free materials for my cards.

I sign up on Swap Bot for a greeting cards kit. We had only one partner to swap with as it required a little bit of work to do. We had to include 10 cards, 10 envelopes for the cards, 10 embellishments and a box to go with it.

It was fun to make it all, but the most fun I had was making these little quilled flowers to go inside. I hope the receiver will like it.
73/365 - Quilled birthday card

I was just before going to someone's birthday when I realise that I didn't have a card for her. So I had to make one really quick.

73/365 - Quilled birthday card