When I was in Vietnam for my honeymoon I saw bamboo for the first time in real life. It was growing everywhere, from woods to peoples gardens and road side.
They are using it in constructions.

It so was exciting to be there. There were so many flowers, trees, plants that I haven't seen them before (that was my first time in Asia). My whole month in there was an adventure discovering new plants everyday and being amazed by everything.

The two most unexpected trees that I discovered were the banana and the coffee tree.

Banana tree had the most unusual flower. It was totally unexpected and hard for me to imagine the bananas coming out from that dark red flower.

The coffee tree.... well.... if someone wouldn't have told me that was a coffee tree I would have never guessed. The flowers had an amazing strong smell and the coffee beans tasted nothing like coffee. Apparently the beans get the yummy taste after being dried and roasted.


chillin with Quillin said...

very nice drawing,and the plants are beautiful, thanks for sharing!!!!

Elena said...

Thanks Paula. You are always here commenting on my posts. It's really nice of you. I really appreciate that.

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