Can you believe that this was made with shredded paper? Yes I made this flower with shredded strips found in someone's recycling point on the street.

That shredded paper that I found few weeks ago opened a new world for me. Because of that I started looking for more recycled paper strips and found a treasure. A big recycling bag full of coloured shredded paper. I couldn't believe my eyes how cool the paper was and it was for free.

The same day I started to quill this flower and I love how it came out.

Quilled flower

Here is another similar flower I've done with the same shredded paper.

Quilled flower

Quilled flower

Another day at work another quilled piece. The other day I was looking on the internet for some inspiration and came across Ina's creations where I found a nice dove so I decided to make one as well.

This is also made out of shredded paper.

64/365 - Peace dove

This is another one of the "bored at work" series, made in my lunch brake. For the cat and the mouse I used shredded paper found in the recycling bin .

This cat chase goes to okadaskat who sent me a nice knitted broach a while ago. I know she likes cats so I hope she enjoys it.

Another day of making art at work although I'm working in research. (shhh don't tell my boss). Today I came prepared with my own glue which is better suited for quilling than a pritt stick.

I'm in a snowflake phase at the moment so I rolled the shredded paper found the other day in the bin and came up with this totally recycled hanging snowflake.

62/365 - 100% recycled

The drawing that you see underneath was sent to My REAL wall few days ago from B.

The flowers were so nice and simple that I felt the need to quill them and so I did. The strips that I used for this piece are the shredded paper that I found few days ago.

This is going back from where it came. I hope B will not get upset for altering her work.

The first thing on the right when I come into my office is a paper recycling bin which is usually full of crappy adverts magazines and forms. Me being a crafty paper lover, I check from time to time just in case someone drops in a magazine with some nice images. This morning I almost squealed with happiness seeing the bin half full with this lovely shredded paper. I had wanted to get my hands on some recycled paper strips for a while.

As I was on the last bit of training that took way too long for my short attention spam I immediately asked my boss for some glue and made these up while my computer was booting up.

I am really happy that I have this strips at work so I can roll some flowers in my lunch breaks and get away without looking too much like a weirdo. (I work in a very technical place)