Easter Bunny by Gordana Mudri

This year, Easter Sunday falls on April 8th and with just under a month to go, we've noticed some exceptional examples of Easter quilling on the Quilling Cafe network already. We thought it would be nice to see what other great quilled Easter creations you can come up with, so for our first ever competition we want you to upload your Easter creations for the chance to win some card-making goodies. We've got some blank cards, envelopes (not pictured) and die-cut paper up for grabs for the winner.

To be in with a chance of winning, you need to be a member of the Quilling Cafe network. It's free to join and full of quilling artists from beginners to seasoned artists, but everyone has an equal chance of winning.

To enter, just upload a photo to the network of your Easter creation before April 8th. The most popular photo on Easter Sunday wins the prize!

So how do you find out if your photo is popular? The Quilling network has a very cool "Most popular" section where you can see who the most active members are and how popular content is on the site. Content that people have commented on and shared is recorded by the system and becomes more popular, so the more people that like your photo the more likely you are to win!

So, what are you waiting for? Good luck!

Hello my quilling fellows

I'm really excited to announce the launch of the first social network made specially for quillers like us.

Here you can blog your artworks, upload the photos of your lovely quillings and find tutorials. You can ask questions and get answers your from experience quillers, make groups, participate in forums, find quilling events held in your area and even win prizes by participating in our competitions. The choices are limitless and all in one place.

Quilling is a rare art form and is not known worldwide like other crafts. Is not as popular as painting or embroidery or jewellery making and the bunch of us who quill can feel lonely. At least that's how I felt sice the moment I discovered quilling. I very rarely see any quilling supplies in shops and never seen any books in libraries. There wasn't a specific place where I could ask questions or or get tips about how to quill. Which one is the best quilling tool? What's the difference between a slotted quilling tool and a needle point one? Where can I buy good quality supplies? What are the best quilling books? This are few of the many questions I asked myself in the past and had to spend ages online finding the answers. I many time wished that there was a place where I could just ask the question, go and do some quilling and come back few hours later and the answer will be there. I couldn't find a place like that so I made it myself (with help form my lovely husband, Andy) .

Quilling cafe is a great place to make friends and interact with people who have the same passion as you. It's free and easy to use. You can make an account in just few minutes or sign in with your facebook, twitter, google or yahoo account.

At the moment is just me and my husband there and we feel quite lonely. Please join us. The network is waiting for you to make the place buzzing. You are important so please let me know if you have any problems. Feedback is very appreciated. You can find me by clicking my name at the bottom of the page on Quilling Cafe

What are you waiting for? Go and have fun. Sing in and let's start socialising. Can't wait to meet you all there. See you on the other site :)

Quilled flower

Quilled flower

Quilled flower

Quilled flower

I made this framed quilling piece for one of my neighbour and give it to her as a Christmas present. She works near to where I work and sometimes she gives me a lift in the morning. I wanted to give her something to say thank you for her kindness.

I made this origami box to accommodate 2 of the snowflakes I've quilled and gave it as a present to one of my work colleagues.

The white cut-out on the top of the lid supposed to be a snowflake. The problem (that turn out  not to a problem in the end) was that I didn't fold the paper enough times and it ended with 4 sides instead of 6 (as a snowflake should have). But I'm happier that it came out like this because it fits and looks better on the box.

I'm not a big fun of Christmas presents as most of the ones I received haven't brought me any joy. So I normally don't buy presents as I don't want to waste my money on something the other person might never use. But I do like crafting small things and give to people.

You can find the instructions for this box here and for the kirigami snowflake here

Quilled snowflake 7

Quilled snowflake 6

It's time for spring now.