Oh I didn't blog for a long time now. I've been extremely busy lately with my work relocation and summer it's not a good time for making crafts anyway. Summer is way too precious here in England. We have very few sunny days in this country and I need to make the most of it so at the moment I'm out most of the time. And quilling is not something that I would take out for a picnic in the park. I don't trust this windy weather with my tiny strips. Deep down inside I kinda want the winter back so I can quill every night again.

Anyway this post is to say thank you to Crimson Cloud and 365 Cards for this lovely prize.

I won this prize on a competition, a while ago, on 365 Cards and my card (underneath) made me one of the spotlight designers. Yay that was definitely a great day for me.

101/365 - Weeeeeee're having fun

This is the first prize I won doing quilling (and the second ever in my life).


Baukje said...

your work always looks fantastic and you make such beautiful creations!
Greetings Baukje

chillin with Quillin said...

its so cute!!!

Elena said...

Thank you ladies for your nice comments.

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