Cross stitch is another craft I picked up lately. It's so much easier to carry around in my handbag and do some while waiting 20 minutes for the train or while having a coffee in a coffee shop. I found that is even nice to make some stitches while in bed, just before going to sleep. Since it doesn't require to much brain work it sends me to sleep nice and relaxed.

This is one of my first projects. I made it for my friends wedding that happened last month. I wanted to make something special for them but I didn't have to much time on my hand or motivation as I was in the moving house mode. So one week before their wedding I was looking on the internet for ideas and I came across this cool website where they have lots of free patterns. Here is the link to the pattern. I added their wedding date and initials to personalise it.

The end result was meant to be in a nice frame but I was so busy, didn't have any time to buy one. So around 12 o'clock, on the night before the wedding, few hours before the flight (the wedding was in Turkey), I had to make up a frame for it. So, half asleep, I took a hard backing card, few bits of paper, a hole-punch and a ribbon and came out with this.

I'm quite pleased with the result taking in account little time I had. And I think my wedded friends were pleased too.

Watercolour landscape

Finally the moving is almost done. Few more boxes left to sort out but the main stress is gone. Is time to go back on making art.

Now, you are probably wondering how come there is a watercolour on a quilling blog. see, I am one of those people who gets board very quickly, who starts a project and rarely finishes it. Although quilling is my first and only love I am trying to learn to do other things and now is watercolour.

I've done just few pieces so far and this two are the best ones. I'm really having fun water-colouring but I have to say is harder that I thought. But I'm not giving up, at least not yet :)