I have to say I like my little fringing machine. It took me a while to get used to it but I like the perfect fringing that comes out on the other side. It was a bit pricey but a good investment in the end.


What can I say I really like quilling flowers.

I have to make some more cards to send to my swap-bot partners and then I want to go big. I want to try to make framed quilling. I never made anything bigger than a card so I'm a bit scared but I'll do it... soon.

I made this one for a Swap-bot member who liked black.

This was my second attempt on paper cutting. I love paper cut and I have to get better at it.

Oh I didn't blog for a long time now. I've been extremely busy lately with my work relocation and summer it's not a good time for making crafts anyway. Summer is way too precious here in England. We have very few sunny days in this country and I need to make the most of it so at the moment I'm out most of the time. And quilling is not something that I would take out for a picnic in the park. I don't trust this windy weather with my tiny strips. Deep down inside I kinda want the winter back so I can quill every night again.

Anyway this post is to say thank you to Crimson Cloud and 365 Cards for this lovely prize.

I won this prize on a competition, a while ago, on 365 Cards and my card (underneath) made me one of the spotlight designers. Yay that was definitely a great day for me.

101/365 - Weeeeeee're having fun

This is the first prize I won doing quilling (and the second ever in my life).