Another challenge for the 365 card was to make a card that has a square, an oval and a diamond.

Again the snowflake is not as white as it could be because of the coloured edges that the paper strips came with.

This third card of the quilled snowflake series goes to one of my favourite flickr contacts.

This is the second in the quilled snowflake series. I made this for day 329 on 365 cards.

The pattern and the paper strips comes form the quilling pattern a day calendar that I've bought a while ago. I have to say that that I'm not very happy with the quality of the paper that comes with. The strips have funny coloured edges that gives the quilling a weird look. Well I guess that's one of the reasons why the calendar didn't become popular.

For the day 332 -This and that on 365 card we had to make a card that has a lot of yellow and is meant to cheer someone up.

I came up with this quilled snow flake card . The pattern and the paper strips comes form the quilling pattern a day calendar that I've bought a while ago.

At the same time this is my number 57 out of 365 that I make for my other project Mailart 365

I received this beautiful snowflake from one of my flickr contacts Martina last Christmas.
It's a nice piece. It's the first quilling I've seen in reality (not internet or books) apart from mine of course.

Recently I stared trading on flickr. This lovely ATC came through the post from Catherine. It's a bit squished (as the quilling didn't have any bubble wrap or back up card) but I totally love it. It's so cute.

50_365 (2)

I made this card couple of days ago using another recycled Christmas card that I found and the first quilling pattern from my pattern-a-day calendar.

When I was thinking who to send it to PostMuse came to mind as I remembered she likes wine. When I saw her Shaken,not stirred today I was really happy as it reinforce the thought to send this card to her.

Here you go PostMuse a martini from me. Hope this will bring a smile on your face and make you forget about your flight troubles.

I made this card for my best friend to give to one of her friends. She was going to a birthday party so I volunteered to make a card for her friend. I hope that friend liked it.

I had to take a photo of this in a hurry as my friend Alina had to go to the party with the card so the photo quality is not the best.

Yay. My quilling calendar finally arrived. It "only" took 2 months to get to me. I ordered it from Canada and the seller send it to me by road/boat as it was the cheapest option. If he had chosen by air it would've cost me about 40 Canadian dollars.
It took ground to the Atlantic and then a ship to England and then road to London again. I didn't even thought that you can still send it like that. It took ages till I got it but at least I saved about £30.

This is a old version of Quilling Pattern-a-Day calendar, the 2007 one. It contains a quilling pattern for every day of the week and one for the weekend. They don't publish it any more as is too expensive to make and not enough people who buys it so that's why it's so hard to find one.

I'm really excited and can't wait to get started. In the out-coming posts you'll see these patterns incorporated in cards and mailart.