When I discovered quilling last year I made this blog to keep a log of my creations so this blog was dedicated to only quilling (hence the URL "www.quillingprojects.com". Slowly after that I started to play with paper and learn to create much more like cards, paper cutting, drawing and even watercolours.

After I got better at doing other paper crafts I wanted to blog about them but I didn't wanted to put it up here as this was a quilling blog. So I created another blog to be able to share my other paper crafts with everyone. But then I realised that it's difficult to maintain 2 blogs specially with a full time job and commuting for 3 hours a day. I ended up neglecting this blog because I needed to develop the other one. I wasn't happy about that.

So today I decided to upgrade this blog to accommodate my other paper crafts projects. It will still have quilling as a main subject because rolling paper strips is still my great passion but there will be other crafty creation scattered around.

I hope my fans will not be to disappointed and my other projects will inspire people as much as quilling (and maybe more).

Here are some cards I've done for some Swap-bots exchanges.

While I was visiting Vietnam I saw some amazing paper cut pop-up cards. There is where I fell in love with this type of paper craft.
This is my first attempt.

97/365 - Paper cut

I made this for a swap-bot called quick flower postcard swap. So I just made a quick one.

98/365 - Daisy


cg said...

I'm pleased that I'll be seeing all your work here! I adore your quilling, love your recycling idea. Such lovely cards; thank you for sharing.

Elena said...

Thanks cg. That's a very nice comment and a very quick one. I'm really glad you like my idea of sharing all my arty stuff here. And thanks for always being here every time I post up something. I appreciate it and it brings a big smile on my face.

andytgeezer said...

I think this is a really good idea Elena. That makes it easier for us to find all your cool stuff

chillin with Quillin said...

Awsome cards,!
There's nothing wrong with haveing more that one craft.

Elena said...

Thanks Paula and Andy for your support and feedback.

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