Quilled Snowflakes

Is that time of the year again when we decorate our house and the Christmas tree. I personalty have a small tree this year so I wouldn't need loads of quilled snowflakes to fill it.

Quilled Snowflake - 1

I like quilling snowflakes so I'll make loads more to give as a present.

Quilled Snowflake - 3

I have lots of quilled coils prepared so there will be more on the way.

Quilled Snowflake - 4

All these snowflakes are different and I am planing on making more different ones.

Quilled Snowflake - 5

Keep your eyes open as new quilled snowflakes desings will come.


chillin with Quillin said...

there really beautiful, love snowflakes!!!!

Helen said...

Beautiful snowflakes!

TheSnailMailer said...

You make me want to start quilling right away!

aureliaeugenia said...

I like your snowflackes a lot!!!
One day I might do some.

Elena said...

Thank you everyone for your nice feedback

Sathya said...

Lovely snowflakes!!!

chris said...

Would love to see the tree when you've finished!

Elena said...

Thank you Sathya. To be honest, Chris, I am so busy quilling that I didn't even decorated my Christmas tree.

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