Quilled bookmarks

Quilled bookmark, originally uploaded by Elenatgeezer.
I was inspired to make this quilled bookmarks from one of my flickr contacts Martina

They are a good practice as they help me to perfect my quilled shapes.

Quilled Lotus Flower, originally uploaded by Elenatgeezer.
I really had fun quilling this. It's one of my favourite so far.

I did this for one of mine and Andy's project Mailart 365 . He made a Koi fish in a pond and I wanted to add a lotus flower. This is how the end product looks like.

#5 (Andytgeezer)/#9 (Elenatgeezer) - Zen pond and Lotus flower

Aquatic life, originally uploaded by Elenatgeezer.
I decided to make this quilling scene as I love fish. Me and Andy have an aquarium at home but just a small one, only with fish no octopus or see horses unfortunately. :-(

This is the 8th piece for Mailart 365 witch was sent to a happy mailbox.

P.S. Unfortunately our camera broke and I had to take photos with an old one witch is very difficult to handle so the photo is not great. This actually looks much better in reality that in the photo.

Another one of the X-mas card series and the 6th piece for Maiart365

This is another one of the X-mas card series and the 7th piece for Maiart365

With Christmas fast approaching I decided to start working on greeting cards to send to the ones I love.

This is also the 5th piece I did for my project Mailart365

4/365 Spring blossoms, originally uploaded by Elenatgeezer.
I spent more than seven hours making this piece but I think is worth it. This is the 4th piece I made for Mailart 365 and I send it to one of my favourite mail artist.

The quilling represents a recreation of the drawing on the left.
Quilled Skull

Skull, originally uploaded by Elena_H.
Andy told me few weeks ago about this guy who post a Skull a day on his blog. I had a look and his blog is quite amazing (the site is running for almost 3 years now, with skulls send from people from all over the world) so I decided to quill one for him.

I attached a string to the skull so he can use it as a Christmas decoration since we are in December. :-)

P.S. This made it on Skull a day.Check it out and see more amazing skulls.