I made this origami box to accommodate 2 of the snowflakes I've quilled and gave it as a present to one of my work colleagues.

The white cut-out on the top of the lid supposed to be a snowflake. The problem (that turn out  not to a problem in the end) was that I didn't fold the paper enough times and it ended with 4 sides instead of 6 (as a snowflake should have). But I'm happier that it came out like this because it fits and looks better on the box.

I'm not a big fun of Christmas presents as most of the ones I received haven't brought me any joy. So I normally don't buy presents as I don't want to waste my money on something the other person might never use. But I do like crafting small things and give to people.

You can find the instructions for this box here and for the kirigami snowflake here


chillin with Quillin said...

very pretty do like the snowflake, it does fit perfect!!!

Elena said...

Like usual you are the first one to leave a comment. Thank you Paula for visiting my website all the time and for the feedback you always give me.

kiddo said...

Foarte dragut cadou! Si a iesit chiar potrivit fulgul de zapada!

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